Many Norwegians are of Celtic origin

Norwegian Celtic Congress (NCC)  (Norsk Keltisk Forening (NKF) ) shall highlight topics related to contact between the Celtc World (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Gaul (Britany) and Galicia in Spain) and Norway.


Iceland is also included. Since modern DnA (Gen) science has concluded that 60 to 70 per cent of females Iceland is of Irish origin. Only 20 per cent of the males. An interim board will call for the first congress of NCC in September 2017. The present board are: Ivar Fjeld (President), Margit Apelthun (Secretary), Eli Roska (treasurer) and Asbjørn Landro.   To annual fee for membership is 200 NOK (20 Euro). Please feel free to contact us: Email: